Kris + Christine


Kris and Christine met June 28th, 2015 at a friends wedding, but in a pretty cute and unlikely way. She had been trying to land her first opportunity as a wedding coordinator for awhile, and she thankfully landed this one! Kris was an usher and had no idea what this sweet role in his friends wedding would turn out to be, and little did she know her first wedding coordinating gig would lead her to the man she now calls husband.

He was hooked the second he laid eyes on her, but what’s funny is that he wasn’t even the one flirting with her all night. He was the guy that just stayed back and watched as the other guys failed to catch her attention. He had to wait for the perfect moment to make his move, and time was a tickin’.

But just as the night was coming to an end, he worked up the courage to ask her if she’d come out with the wedding party after everything was said and done.

“Hey… so ya wanna come out with us?”

Without hesitation, she gladly accepted the invitation.

Later that night, after plenty of dancing and chatting and more dancing, Kris couldn’t get over how gorgeous she was, but even more so her smile. She couldn’t get over how much fun she had with him, he made her laugh so effortlessly. This spark wasn’t like any other they’d ever felt before, it was much sweeter, deeper I guess you would say.

Kris is a huge thrill seeker, and he’s always up for a risk, especially when it involves a beautiful girl.

So what he did he do next? Of course, he needed to do something big, something wild for the both of them to remember no matter where this would lead. He pulled her in close, looked her in the eyes, and kissed her with such purpose and adventure.

Talk about a night to hold onto forever. That kiss might’ve been sudden, but she’s forever grateful he took that chance. After that, there was no turning back.

They bring out a side of each other the ones who know them best haven’t seen before, and it’s the most beautiful thing. The way they spur each other on towards Christ, love and invest in those around them, and passionately serve their church is a story I’m grateful to be a part of.

Dear Kris and Christine Blasl, thank you for letting me capture your love even if it was 8 months into marriage. We got to do this shoot in St. Petersburg, Florida during sunrise. It was so beautiful!


These two are the best.

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