Marc + Ashley


I have a feeling God has a lot planned for these two. They’re passionate, love people, and pour their lives into building up the kingdom. Ashley is very headstrong, she’s not the kind of girl that see’s limits or allows her circumstances to determine her ambition. She just goes for it, which is something you’ll notice right off the bat. Marc is a gentle, kind, and compassionate man who strives to take care of those around him no matter the capacity. His heart is what people are drawn to, and his kindness is what makes them feel welcomed to stay. They both carry the heavy burden of reaching those who don’t know Christ, and I’m positive their marriage is going to be a force to be reckon’d with. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead for them!

God is so good to pair us with those that push us closer to Him, who choose to love Christ more than one another. When we choose to love Christ more than our spouse, we’re able to love our spouse in a manner that honors Him because of the love Christ is pouring into our hearts through our relationship with him. And any couple will tell ya QUICKLY that marriage takes hard work and lots of self sacrifice… but by the grace of God, we’re able to imperfectly love and fight for one another each and everyday.

He will bring you to your knees with the forgiveness He offers, and lift your eyes with the strong hand He is leading you with. You will learn to love your suppose through seeking the cross and everything Christs love and mercy has to offer. And thats what makes the strife that marriage can bring so worth it, because of how our deeply our Father loves!


Catie Sas


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