What a sweet ride, y’all

I wholeheartedly have fallen in love with family photos. There’s something about getting to capture moments that would naturally go unnoticed in a normal day to day setting. I love letting the kids go crazy, giving mom and dad permission to just “be” and let me snap some shots of their babies in their natural state and pure bliss of not being told to stand still anymore. Mom and dad also deserve some pretend engagement photos, ya gotta remember what it was like before kids for just a second. I’ll keep my eyes on the children, just look into each others eyes ok? Then the giggles set in and it’s so much fun capturing those moments!

The past few months of 2017 have been some of the busiest yet encouraging months of my life. If you asked me to take your photos this year, it meant more than you’ll ever know. You believed in me. You trusted me. You empowered me. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to capture a part of your life.

I’ve learned a lot about photography these past few months, and I’ve grown so much in my technique and style. That’s because YOU gave me that chance.

God has provided abundantly more than I could’ve ever asked for or dreamed of, and I’ve loved this journey He’s taking me on. Here’s to 2018 and what God has in store for Catie Sas Photography!

Enjoy some of my fav moments from the past few months (:

let’s do this 2018, i’m ready for ya


peace out girl scouts.

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