Matt + Laura are hitched!


Matt and Laura were married on a chilly Thursday evening in the middle of January in front of 70 of their closest friends and family at Kindred Oaks Venue here in Georgetown, Texas. Her colors were a pretty mix of blush, greens, golds, and white. So classic and simple. Was the weather perfect? Nope. Were my fingers frozen? Yep. Did it put a damper on their joy? Absolutely not. Laura was such a lighthearted, joyful bride who gave me confidence in doing my job. Considering this was my first official wedding, I really wasn’t all that sure of myself and had to give myself pep talks all day leading up to the wedding. I worked all day with shaky hands and as the day went by the pressure began to build and the stomach cramps came crashing in. Is that bad to admit? Oh well, just being honest. But I have to say, having these two as the bride and groom definitely made it so much easier to go with the flow and really take the weight of being perfect off my shoulders! They really were so kind, and I’m forever grateful they allowed a rookie like me to start my career with their big day.

Anyways, enough about me! These two met through Hill Country Bible Church worship bands.They play at all the campuses, and the first Sunday they met was at the Brushy Creek Campus when she was playing keys and Matt was on bass. God used something they’re both passionate about to bring them together and I love that! Isn’t He so faithful?

I hope you love the sweet touches and heartfelt simplicity that made their day absolutely perfect.


God is good, y’all. Here’s to much much more to thank Him for.

Catie Sas

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