Zach + Kate // Austin, TX Engagements

I couldn’t have had MORE fun with Zach and Kate. On a rainy, grey, muggy day, they had me laughing so hard I couldn’t even focus my camera at times! Talk about the sweetest balance of precious romance and flat out adventurous, they were just down for anything and it made their engagement session exactly what I needed to cope with the nasty weather. Half way through their session it started POURING and instead of hiding under a tree we RAN FOR IT and they danced on the dock overlooking the lake. Were people probably staring at us with confusion as I just kept telling Kate to jump into Zach’s arms as they danced in the rain? Of course, but life is too short to run from the pouring rain! They embraced every single bump along the way like champs, and I feel so beyond honored to capture their wedding in August!

Here’s to dancing like no one’s watching and marrying your best friend. They rocked it.


Catie Sas

2 thoughts on “Zach + Kate // Austin, TX Engagements

  1. We are Kate’s mom and dad. We love the pictures and how you captured the love and joy between them. We look forward to meeting you at the wedding.
    Greg and Sue Porter


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