Henry John Malnor

Henry John Malnor, or better known as sweet baby Hank, was born January 15th and has made his parents the happiest people on earth. Extremely tired as well, buuuut I think they’d say it’s worth it (; The morning of his newborn session, it was the ugliest rainy day EVER. Seriously, the weather has been crashing my party and as most of you know, my heart truly belongs to summer. Bring on long days at the pool, please! Can I get an Amen?

But luckily what made the nasty weather bearable was getting to hangout with Natalie and Dan that morning (Hanks awesome mom and dad). They are so nice and made me feel like I could just relax around them and it definitely took the pressure of being perfect away. I really feel like I’ve known them for AWHILE, but really I just met them like 2 months ago when I did their gorgeous maternities and I can tell already I’m gonna want them as forever friends that I get to take more beautiful photos of as time goes by!

Hank also wasn’t a fan of his picture being taken, in fact, anytime he wasn’t being held by his sweet momma, he was like “Um woah I don’t think so mom I need you to keep hugging me you’re pretty and you smell good!” But he then was like “Ok fine mom I guess I’ll look cute for the camera so you can put my cute naked self all over the walls.” And then it was done! I’m basically obsessed with these photos, baby fever may or may not consume me looking through them. I had so much fun, especially when Natalie took all of his clothes and diaper off then subtly looks at me and says, “So.. I hope he doesn’t pee on you..”

Classic, mom.


I can’t even look at these without wanting to hold him again! Until next time, Hank.

Peace out, y’all.

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