Clara Rachel Avance

Oh Clara Rachel, you’re precious.clara-42

When we first met the Avances, we’d just started leading our own community group and I was a major rookie at this whole thing. Lauren is such a caring, inviting, and wise woman of God that (if I’m honest) was slightly intimidated by when we initially started getting to know her and Alex and Elise, their sweet baby girl. We seemed to have pretty different personalities and I was worried we wouldn’t really mesh, mainly because she knows how to have her life together while I’m over here just finding bobbi pins in my hair from last week.

But then God made her friendship one of the most meaningful relationships in my life and He’s used her to grow me in so many sweet ways. So Lauren, just know, you’re stuck with me forevz. Ryan and I love you guys too much. Thanks for taking a leap of faith on us newbies and making our little community group family just that much sweeter.

Getting to watch you guys go from a family of three to a family of FOUR is seriously so fun, and I can’t wait to be your forever family photographer! Here’s to all the life you guys bring and the way God uses you to love us! Looking at Clara’s pretty self while editing was the easiest job ever. The best part of the shoot? When Elise came over to give Clara a high five. Like.. she’s gonna rock this big sis thing.


Thanks y’all, can’t wait to show more sweet babies soon!

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