Nolan Abraham Prindle

Grace and I became friends pretty instantly, and we only got into arguments when she forgot to put smiley faces in her text messages (; The second she realized I was basically just another version of her husband, David, she took me in and planted me into her life quicker than I’d anticipated and I’m a better woman because of it. Grace is the kind of friend who will STRAIGHT UP tell you like it is, she rarely gets her feelings hurt, and is literally one of the hardest working women I know. She is a working momma of two, a nursing student, an amazing wifey, and one heck of a solid and loyal friend. Like will stand by you through it all even if she may wanna punch you in the face a time or two kind of loyal.

The woman is a fierce work of art.

I’m privileged to know her, to be known by her, and to call her a best friend for LYFE.

The Prindle’s have my heart. Here’s to taking WAY more photos of Nolan and Corwin for the rest of their lives.


Basically, capturing everyones love for sweet new babies is sweeping me off my dang feet.

Catie Sas

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