Gabriela Rivera // Austin, TX Bride

So I have a confession. A very embarrassing and shameful confession.


I was an hour late to Gabriela’s bridal session.

Now don’t panic, it was totally fine. Epic, really and more than I could’ve ever expected. It was a Monday, and it had been a true Monday kind of day. I was exhausted, ready to be off work and head out. When I’d finally gotten on the road, I was dreaming of my couch and a glass of wine. Once I’d gotten home, I’d realized I’d missed a phone call and a text. One was from Gabriela and another from my mother in law, Debi. Her text would hold the sentence that would cause my heart to physically sink.

Hey Catie, Gabriela just asked me if you were on your way to her bridal session..”

AND I REALIZED I’D SCHEDULED HER BRIDALS FOR THAT DAY AT FIVE. Guess what time it was right then? it was 5:08, y’all. I was freaking out. So I instantly call Gabriela back, and ask if she was already at the location, where she then says she was at the venue. And then I was super confused because I thought they were at Brushy Creek… so I’d just experienced a DOUBLE FACE PALM. So I then start to head to the venue during rush hour (are you kidding me) and called Debi back to just try and calm my spazzed out self down. I’m on the highway, on the phone with her, and because I just wanted to make sure I was exiting correctly, I asked “I exit 360, right?”

She pauses and responds with, “To get to Antebellum oaks? Um.. you should be on 45… why are you taking 360?!”

Y’ALL. I was on the wrong highway going the OPPOSITE DIRECTION. During rush hour just to remind you. SO I then have to exit, get all turned around, find my way to the right highway, and FINALLY head to the venue.

With all that to say, I was expecting Gabriela’s family to take my head off. I was sure they’d ask for a refund, a discount, or just something to claim justice for my HUGE inconvenience on their day. I finally roll in around 6:03, and even after apologizing profusely on the phone earlier, I meet her outside the venue and begin apologizing EVEN MORE. And wanna know what she does?

She shakes her head and gives me a hug, tells me to not apologize, that it’s totally fine and she is just excited about her session. Her parents were absolutely amazing, laughing and cheering us on the entire time, helping me with whatever I needed whether it was carrying Gabriela’s train or fluffing her veil so it would fly in the wind. They were SO unbelievably kind the session, and I just felt God’s grace rush over me, reminding me of the love He provides when we make mistakes. He used Gabriela and her sweet family to remind me of his sovereignty, the way he cares about the details because THE LIGHT WAS PERFECT. The way the sun was in the right place, just shining through my lens was such a HUGE blessing. An hour before? It wouldn’t have been that perfect. And I can only give all the credit to God, I couldn’t have planned that outcome.

And I’m blown away with how her bridals came out, they were beyond perfect and I couldn’t have come up with a better way to spend a Monday evening. To top it all off? Her dad ended up giving me a tip as I walked to my car. He sent me on my way with a generous gift and kind words, expressing his gratitude for coming out for his daughters photos. I got in my car completely floored at the mercy I’d just been given.

God is always good, y’all, and He is IN every detail. And now I get to publish her bridals on my blog, sharing the testimony of His work in and through me. I can’t make this stuff up, y’all. Hope you love her as much as I do!



Catie Sas

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