Jay + Cora // Austin, TX Engagements

Before this shoot, I’d never even seen Jay and Cora hold hands. I’d never seen them hug, kiss, or even flirt with eachother. So basically, I was crazy eager to see how this would go. I’m a big fan of sweet affectionate shots, so I might’ve pushed them out of their comfort zones a little bit.. which I ain’t too mad about considering the photos you’re about to see.

I remember giggling just as hard as they were each time I’d tell them to get closer, or especially when we played the teeth game. This is where I had them try to touch eachothers teeth, BUT with their own teeth.. Y’all, it was hysterical. Some look very romantic, and some just look straight up goofy.

Watching people crush the awkwardness being affectionate in front of a camera can sometimes bring is one of my favorite things. Enjoy the most adorable couple ever.


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