David + Megan // Austin, TX Engagements

Oh man, this was such a fun shoot. Megan and David were one of the very first weddings I’d ever booked back when I was still figuring out how to do this whole photography thing. They’re getting married THIS MONTH and I can’t wait! He’s a molecular scientist and she’s a nursing Major, and they met here in Austin at a science convention a few years back. She’s a free spirited ball of energy and he’s a laid back, reserved kinda guy that brings balance to the relationship. It was SO SWEET getting David out of his comfort zone in front of the camera, while Megan was such a natural. You could feel their adoration for eachother, especially through all of the giggling each time I’d tell them to get closer. I’m so excited to publish these, some of my favorite shots ever are in their session! MGDH-2MGDH-3MGDH-4MGDH-5MGDH-6MGDH-7MGDH-8MGDH-9MGDH-10MGDH-11MGDH-12MGDH-13MGDH-14MGDH-15MGDH-16MGDH-17MGDH-18MGDH-19MGDH-20MGDH-21MGDH-22MGDH-23MGDH-24MGDH-25MGDH-26MGDH-27MGDH-28MGDH-29MGDH-30MGDH-31MGDH-32MGDH-33MGDH-34MGDH-35MGDH-36MGDH-37MGDH-38MGDH-39MGDH-40MGDH-41MGDH-42MGDH-43MGDH-44MGDH-45MGDH-46MGDH-47MGDH-48MGDH-49MGDH-50MGDH-51MGDH-52MGDH-53MGDH-54MGDH-55MGDH-56MGDH-57MGDH-58MGDH-59MGDH-60MGDH-61MGDH-62MGDH-63MGDH-64MGDH-65MGDH-66MGDH-67MGDH-68MGDH-69MGDH-70MGDH-71MGDH-72MGDH-73MGDH-74MGDH-75MGDH-76MGDH-77MGDH-78MGDH-79MGDH-80MGDH-81MGDH-82MGDH-83MGDH-84MGDH-85MGDH-86MGDH-87MGDH-88MGDH-89MGDH-90MGDH-91MGDH-92MGDH-93MGDH-94MGDH-95MGDH-96MGDH-97MGDH-98MGDH-99MGDH-100MGDH-101MGDHMGDHM-2MGDHM-3MGDHM

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