Mr + Mrs Hinton // a Dallas TX Wedding

Talk about getting married in the most beautiful enchanted forest. I was up so early the morning dew was just falling off the tree’s as they said their vows, and I’d do this wedding a hundred times over again.

Maggie has always held a special place in my heart. We met through another close friend of ours and after a 2 hour dinner date at Chic Fil A one night, I decided I was gonna make this girl stick whether she liked it or not. She has the kind of heart that loves genuinely and openly. She may think she’s shy, but the second you get this firecracker out of the box she shines like you’ve never seen before.

Their wedding began at 7am with getting ready, the ceremony at 9am, and a simple and sweet reception to follow. She wasn’t super into the wedding “necessities” every other bride might be focused on, she really just wanted to bring people she loved together in one place. She wore a delicate lacey white dress, a handmade flower crown, and Toms. The girl didn’t even curl her hair even when she was pressured to get all done up. She wanted to be as natural as possible and stay true to herself, which I can definitely get behind.

Enjoy some shots of their day!

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