Robert + Katie // Downtown Round Rock Engagement


The first time Katie laid eyes on Robert, he was wearing ripped jeans and a backwards hat and she thought he was so cute. Everyone was gathered around the volleyball court one Friday night soaking up the gorgeous springtime air. We were all just standing there talking about him because he was a new guy who’d just been invited to the church, and I remember mentioning we’d have to make sure his heart matched the outside, meaning he may be a good looking guy but if he doesn’t love Jesus then BYE FELICIA.

Luckily for Katie, he was definitely a man after Gods own heart and had a desire to grow in his relationship with his Savior. Soon after that, Robert asked her out on their very first date. He cooked up spaghetti and salad, took them to a park nearby where they had the sweetest little picnic. After dinner they played a few rounds of mini-golf and that marks the beginning of a story they had no idea God was going to continue writing!

Katie told me, “I’ve never felt so cherished and adored!” I think that’s what every girl dreams of saying after a first date.

Katie has been a single mom the last several years of her life, and despite some hard bumps along the road, God has been so faithful in growing her passion for Him and teaching Kaylee to do the same. She’s a phenomenal mother, a woman who chases after Jesus with her life and has proven to be a role model for other young women in our church community. Robert is a man who has pursued her heart in a way that’s honorable to not just Katie but to her family. He has shown patience and such a big servant heart choosing to love Katie AND Kaylee, striving to be a noble leader and provider for the both of them.

I’m sure I’ll be a mess at the wedding, God is just too good to us sometimes.

Their engagements were in the sweet little downtown Round Rock where we made a parking garage our dance floor and ran down side walks. Basically we partied into the sunset. Enjoy some of my favorite shots!


Can’t wait to capture their wedding day!

Stay tuned,

Catie Sas

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