Duke + Gabriella // A McKinney Falls Dream


A little over a month ago, I put out a “model search” for a shoot I wanted to try. Considering it’s summer break, the free time was making me antsy and I just needed to get out there and do something adventurous! I wanted to play with lighting and especially try out water photography. I’d seen a few other photographers I love do it, so I had t try it out to! But the big question was who would be willing to wakeup at the butt crack of dawn for a sunrise shoot, drive almost an hour south, wear a formal outfit in the 90 degree summer heat and then get soaked in the creek!?

I almost didn’t put myself out there because I was worried I’d get no responses, that people would be like “Um Catie who do you think you are?” so for a few days I just sat on the idea until my brain couldn’t handle the day dreaming anymore, and I finally took the leap in asking people online if they’d be down!

And y’all, I got more responses than I’d ever anticipated! Gabby just happened to be the very first girl to respond and be like ME ME ME! But don’t worry, I plan to do these more often because practice is something I CRAVE and if you’re up for an adventure then watch for the next one!

Gabby and I began to scheme about what to wear and outfit choices and different poses they’d be down for, and my heart was racing, I couldn’t have been more excited about this. I love how they turned out, but after looking through their gallery and noticing small details, I see so many different things I could’ve done better. I see lighting that could’ve been altered, a few that are blurry and a handful that just came out funky with whatever angle I was trying. But I’m so thankful for these mistakes, these errors are helping me LEARN and Gabby and Duke couldn’t have been the best models for me! They were so patient and willing to do whatever I asked, which helps because sometimes practice means taking a few risks JUST to see how the photo would come out.

They are seriously the best, and I hope you love them as much as I do!


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