Jay + Cora are hitched, y’all!


Jay & Cora were married on the same day a huge storm decided to roll into town. We had these plans of taking photos outside in a grassy field, but that plan died the second the rain came crashing in hard. So we the proceeded to stay cozy indoors and turn the bedroom into our party instead.

All the girls wore the sweetest little blush dresses, and you won’t even believe where Cora got HER dress.. the one and only Goodwill! She found that baby for a whopping $25 and rocked it like it was made for her. The beading is so intricate, and the way the tulle fell just right made everything flow just perfectly. Jay and his guys looked so classy in their navy blue suits, the colors went so well together! Plus I’m always a sucker for a well tailored navy suit.

This was one of those weddings where the guests were all just smitten with the bride and groom. Cora has this way of just making people feel comfortable being exactly who they are, and Jay is the kind of guy that couldn’t care less about what people think, yet people can’t help but like the guy because of his strong sense of character. They wanted a simple day with the people they love with good food and plenty of dancing. And that’s exactly what they got, it was pure magic.

Thank you Jay & Cora for letting me capture your sweet day!


Until next time, guys.

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