Introducing Mr + Mrs Clement

I loved every second of this wedding. Even the pouring rain during the ceremony. In fact, that might’ve been my favorite part of the entire day.

It gave me all the feels, just like the weather. They experienced every type of forecast from cloudy and chilly, warm and sunny, rainy and humid.. I mean if it had started snowing I wouldn’t have flinched. Once the reception started everyone just decided to forget about their soaked clothes and party it all out. My shoes were so soaked I went barefoot the whole time and I wasn’t even mad about it.

Katie, you are going to make a phenomenal wife, and Robert, you’ll be such a kind and caring husband. I can’t wait to see how God uses the gifts he’s given each of you in marriage, and even better, for His kingdom. The rain during the ceremony almost represents the perservearance you’ll need in your marriage. Sometimes the storm comes and you can’t run from it, you have to stand there completely drenched in the midst of it. You’ll have to work hard, facing it as it comes and clinging to one another because God will redeem and make new, just as the sun came out later that day to shine in all it’s glory.

Fortunately the only thing I had to really be flexible with was the change in location for their portraits, which was sad, but considering the stormy circumstances, it was a very small ordeal. We had only one area to make beautiful portraits happen, compared to the previous location where I’d already mapped out all of the spots I was going to take them to. My challenge was now this: how to create variety with only one backdrop to work with that was probably only 50 yards wide, and also accomplish said task in 13 minutes before they needed to make their grand entrance. Any longer and I would’ve caused the already rained on guests to wait even longer for their dinner and I wasn’t gonna be that photographer. Nope, not today. So we rocked it out and they were champs about all of the random photo opp hiccups. God gives me the sweetest friends,

Just like a wedding day, nothing ever goes exactly to plan. That’s how marriage is. And it’s so worth it.

Enjoy their wedding day in moments, I’m really excited about how well they turned out considering the array of lighting I had to work with that day.


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