Mr + Mrs Grimes // the party of the year


Dear Zach and Kate, thanks for inviting me to your gigantic dance party. I got home that night so sore because I like to multi-task on the dance floor. Maybe on my resume I should add:

  • Can tear up the dance floor while also photographing others tearing up said dance floor

But seriously, these two were so fun. They were one of my very first bookings last year and took a major chance on me being such a newb and having barely any experience. They gave me full permission to dive in and document the day however I chose and made me feel so comfortable. Oh and I can’t forget about the wedding party, y’all… I was blown away by how kind and inviting they were! It’s always kind of nerve racking to walk into a room full of girls who don’t know you and have no idea how they’ll respond to you being in their space all day. Sometimes, if I’m honest, I often get intimidated. But let me tell ya, these girls welcomed me in and made me feel like I’d known them forever! A lot of times at weddings, I feel like I’m just a friend who happens to have my camera with me, to where it doesn’t feel like work at all, and that is the best way I can describe this wedding and so many others I’ve gotten to be a part of. I honestly don’t know how I get so lucky.

Kate, you had SO MUCH fun and that is exactly how you’re supposed to have a wedding. You also looked beyond gorgeous, so basically, you were a pro at the whole getting married thing. Thank you for believing in me in the mega baby stages of my career and allowing me to be a part of telling your love story!


2 thoughts on “Mr + Mrs Grimes // the party of the year

  1. I don’t know if I have to words to explain how much we LOVED catie! She was truly amazing from the first time we met her. During our engagement pictures at one point it started pouring rain and she hung in there with us and just kept taking pictures with no complaints. She’s definitely a trooper and she made it so easy. We were definitely nervous and worried we would look weird or not be able to act like our natural selves, but Catie made it so easy. Also everyone in our wedding party thought she was great too and she just blended in with us. I recommend her to everyone I get a chance to. I can’t wait to have a reason to hire her again. Thank you Catie from the bottom of our hearts! Our wedding wouldn’t have been complete without you. – The Grimes’ 🙂


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