Kirstin + Troy

They got married in a church and danced the night away on a boat with all their favorite people. This was wedding was special in a sense that they weren’t striving for anything extravagant, they just wanted the essentials. Friends, tacos, and a boat big enough for all the friends and all the tacos. Spending my day with Troy and Kirstin was really a gift and I don’t think they realize how much it means to me that, out of all the photographers they could choose, they chose me.

Kirstens dad gave a toast that made me cry. Listening to his affection for his daughter and all the ways he notices her gave me this true sense of gratitude for getting to be in that room, watching his vulnerability pour out into words that captivated not just Kirstin, but the entire crowd. Toasts are always a treat, it’s refreshing to see the bride and groom through the lens of those closest to them. It just brings an entirely new dynamic to the role I play in their love story.

Their wedding was a huge celebration, and I hope I captured all of that.




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