Mallory // Attorney by day Yoga Instructor by night

I’m still mastering the art of headshots. Mallory has a heart of gold though, so my lack of confidence in this area was very much welcomed and eventually faded just five minutes into the shoot.

She’s a rockstar attorney with the compassion and grit needed to handle any situation. When she’s not kicking butt in the law world, she’s teaching yoga classes with the utmost grace. People feel at ease around her, deeply loved and accepted regardless of where they’ve been or the mess they think defines them. She loves people like Jesus, and see’s life as an opportunity rather than an obligation.

I wish everyone could sit down and have a conversation with Mallory. When we met on a mission trip to Berlin a few summers ago, I had no idea God was bringing me a freaking angel friend that would make me feel known and loved and challenged all at the same time. Enjoy some gorgeous photos of her, she’s really easy on the eyes.


Cody + Belinda

Cody and Belinda are probably the easiest two people to be around. Even at 7am, they were like walking laughter, hence why the majority of their photos are of them laughing hysterically. I don’t think they could’ve taken the romantic moments LESS seriously, which made me crack up every single time. They had a joke for every single pose which made me feel way less pressure to be the perfect guide because of how laid back they both were the whole time.

Cody actually recently proposed shortly after this shoot, and when I asked him WHY he didn’t during the shoot (because why the heck not…) he said even though he already had the ring he hadn’t asked her dad yet. How respectful is that? They’re currently planning their wedding for next fall and I can’t wait to document how it all turns out!


Jay + Cora are hitched, y’all!


Jay & Cora were married on the same day a huge storm decided to roll into town. We had these plans of taking photos outside in a grassy field, but that plan died the second the rain came crashing in hard. So we the proceeded to stay cozy indoors and turn the bedroom into our party instead.

All the girls wore the sweetest little blush dresses, and you won’t even believe where Cora got HER dress.. the one and only Goodwill! She found that baby for a whopping $25 and rocked it like it was made for her. The beading is so intricate, and the way the tulle fell just right made everything flow just perfectly. Jay and his guys looked so classy in their navy blue suits, the colors went so well together! Plus I’m always a sucker for a well tailored navy suit.

This was one of those weddings where the guests were all just smitten with the bride and groom. Cora has this way of just making people feel comfortable being exactly who they are, and Jay is the kind of guy that couldn’t care less about what people think, yet people can’t help but like the guy because of his strong sense of character. They wanted a simple day with the people they love with good food and plenty of dancing. And that’s exactly what they got, it was pure magic.

Thank you Jay & Cora for letting me capture your sweet day!


Until next time, guys.

Duke + Gabriella // A McKinney Falls Dream


A little over a month ago, I put out a “model search” for a shoot I wanted to try. Considering it’s summer break, the free time was making me antsy and I just needed to get out there and do something adventurous! I wanted to play with lighting and especially try out water photography. I’d seen a few other photographers I love do it, so I had t try it out to! But the big question was who would be willing to wakeup at the butt crack of dawn for a sunrise shoot, drive almost an hour south, wear a formal outfit in the 90 degree summer heat and then get soaked in the creek!?

I almost didn’t put myself out there because I was worried I’d get no responses, that people would be like “Um Catie who do you think you are?” so for a few days I just sat on the idea until my brain couldn’t handle the day dreaming anymore, and I finally took the leap in asking people online if they’d be down!

And y’all, I got more responses than I’d ever anticipated! Gabby just happened to be the very first girl to respond and be like ME ME ME! But don’t worry, I plan to do these more often because practice is something I CRAVE and if you’re up for an adventure then watch for the next one!

Gabby and I began to scheme about what to wear and outfit choices and different poses they’d be down for, and my heart was racing, I couldn’t have been more excited about this. I love how they turned out, but after looking through their gallery and noticing small details, I see so many different things I could’ve done better. I see lighting that could’ve been altered, a few that are blurry and a handful that just came out funky with whatever angle I was trying. But I’m so thankful for these mistakes, these errors are helping me LEARN and Gabby and Duke couldn’t have been the best models for me! They were so patient and willing to do whatever I asked, which helps because sometimes practice means taking a few risks JUST to see how the photo would come out.

They are seriously the best, and I hope you love them as much as I do!


Robert + Katie // Downtown Round Rock Engagement


The first time Katie laid eyes on Robert, he was wearing ripped jeans and a backwards hat and she thought he was so cute. Everyone was gathered around the volleyball court one Friday night soaking up the gorgeous springtime air. We were all just standing there talking about him because he was a new guy who’d just been invited to the church, and I remember mentioning we’d have to make sure his heart matched the outside, meaning he may be a good looking guy but if he doesn’t love Jesus then BYE FELICIA.

Luckily for Katie, he was definitely a man after Gods own heart and had a desire to grow in his relationship with his Savior. Soon after that, Robert asked her out on their very first date. He cooked up spaghetti and salad, took them to a park nearby where they had the sweetest little picnic. After dinner they played a few rounds of mini-golf and that marks the beginning of a story they had no idea God was going to continue writing!

Katie told me, “I’ve never felt so cherished and adored!” I think that’s what every girl dreams of saying after a first date.

Katie has been a single mom the last several years of her life, and despite some hard bumps along the road, God has been so faithful in growing her passion for Him and teaching Kaylee to do the same. She’s a phenomenal mother, a woman who chases after Jesus with her life and has proven to be a role model for other young women in our church community. Robert is a man who has pursued her heart in a way that’s honorable to not just Katie but to her family. He has shown patience and such a big servant heart choosing to love Katie AND Kaylee, striving to be a noble leader and provider for the both of them.

I’m sure I’ll be a mess at the wedding, God is just too good to us sometimes.

Their engagements were in the sweet little downtown Round Rock where we made a parking garage our dance floor and ran down side walks. Basically we partied into the sunset. Enjoy some of my favorite shots!


Can’t wait to capture their wedding day!

Stay tuned,

Catie Sas

Mr + Mrs Hinton // a Dallas TX Wedding

Talk about getting married in the most beautiful enchanted forest. I was up so early the morning dew was just falling off the tree’s as they said their vows, and I’d do this wedding a hundred times over again.

Maggie has always held a special place in my heart. We met through another close friend of ours and after a 2 hour dinner date at Chic Fil A one night, I decided I was gonna make this girl stick whether she liked it or not. She has the kind of heart that loves genuinely and openly. She may think she’s shy, but the second you get this firecracker out of the box she shines like you’ve never seen before.

Their wedding began at 7am with getting ready, the ceremony at 9am, and a simple and sweet reception to follow. She wasn’t super into the wedding “necessities” every other bride might be focused on, she really just wanted to bring people she loved together in one place. She wore a delicate lacey white dress, a handmade flower crown, and Toms. The girl didn’t even curl her hair even when she was pressured to get all done up. She wanted to be as natural as possible and stay true to herself, which I can definitely get behind.

Enjoy some shots of their day!

David + Megan // Austin, TX Engagements

Oh man, this was such a fun shoot. Megan and David were one of the very first weddings I’d ever booked back when I was still figuring out how to do this whole photography thing. They’re getting married THIS MONTH and I can’t wait! He’s a molecular scientist and she’s a nursing Major, and they met here in Austin at a science convention a few years back. She’s a free spirited ball of energy and he’s a laid back, reserved kinda guy that brings balance to the relationship. It was SO SWEET getting David out of his comfort zone in front of the camera, while Megan was such a natural. You could feel their adoration for eachother, especially through all of the giggling each time I’d tell them to get closer. I’m so excited to publish these, some of my favorite shots ever are in their session! MGDH-2MGDH-3MGDH-4MGDH-5MGDH-6MGDH-7MGDH-8MGDH-9MGDH-10MGDH-11MGDH-12MGDH-13MGDH-14MGDH-15MGDH-16MGDH-17MGDH-18MGDH-19MGDH-20MGDH-21MGDH-22MGDH-23MGDH-24MGDH-25MGDH-26MGDH-27MGDH-28MGDH-29MGDH-30MGDH-31MGDH-32MGDH-33MGDH-34MGDH-35MGDH-36MGDH-37MGDH-38MGDH-39MGDH-40MGDH-41MGDH-42MGDH-43MGDH-44MGDH-45MGDH-46MGDH-47MGDH-48MGDH-49MGDH-50MGDH-51MGDH-52MGDH-53MGDH-54MGDH-55MGDH-56MGDH-57MGDH-58MGDH-59MGDH-60MGDH-61MGDH-62MGDH-63MGDH-64MGDH-65MGDH-66MGDH-67MGDH-68MGDH-69MGDH-70MGDH-71MGDH-72MGDH-73MGDH-74MGDH-75MGDH-76MGDH-77MGDH-78MGDH-79MGDH-80MGDH-81MGDH-82MGDH-83MGDH-84MGDH-85MGDH-86MGDH-87MGDH-88MGDH-89MGDH-90MGDH-91MGDH-92MGDH-93MGDH-94MGDH-95MGDH-96MGDH-97MGDH-98MGDH-99MGDH-100MGDH-101MGDHMGDHM-2MGDHM-3MGDHM

Jay + Cora // Austin, TX Engagements

Before this shoot, I’d never even seen Jay and Cora hold hands. I’d never seen them hug, kiss, or even flirt with eachother. So basically, I was crazy eager to see how this would go. I’m a big fan of sweet affectionate shots, so I might’ve pushed them out of their comfort zones a little bit.. which I ain’t too mad about considering the photos you’re about to see.

I remember giggling just as hard as they were each time I’d tell them to get closer, or especially when we played the teeth game. This is where I had them try to touch eachothers teeth, BUT with their own teeth.. Y’all, it was hysterical. Some look very romantic, and some just look straight up goofy.

Watching people crush the awkwardness being affectionate in front of a camera can sometimes bring is one of my favorite things. Enjoy the most adorable couple ever.