Clara Rachel Avance

Clara Rachel Avance

Oh Clara Rachel, you’re precious.clara-42

When we first met the Avances, we’d just started leading our own community group and I was a major rookie at this whole thing. Lauren is such a caring, inviting, and wise woman of God that (if I’m honest) was slightly intimidated by when we initially started getting to know her and Alex and Elise, their sweet baby girl. We seemed to have pretty different personalities and I was worried we wouldn’t really mesh, mainly because she knows how to have her life together while I’m over here just finding bobbi pins in my hair from last week.

But then God made her friendship one of the most meaningful relationships in my life and He’s used her to grow me in so many sweet ways. So Lauren, just know, you’re stuck with me forevz. Ryan and I love you guys too much. Thanks for taking a leap of faith on us newbies and making our little community group family just that much sweeter.

Getting to watch you guys go from a family of three to a family of FOUR is seriously so fun, and I can’t wait to be your forever family photographer! Here’s to all the life you guys bring and the way God uses you to love us! Looking at Clara’s pretty self while editing was the easiest job ever. The best part of the shoot? When Elise came over to give Clara a high five. Like.. she’s gonna rock this big sis thing.


Thanks y’all, can’t wait to show more sweet babies soon!

Henry John Malnor

Henry John Malnor

Henry John Malnor, or better known as sweet baby Hank, was born January 15th and has made his parents the happiest people on earth. Extremely tired as well, buuuut I think they’d say it’s worth it (; The morning of his newborn session, it was the ugliest rainy day EVER. Seriously, the weather has been crashing my party and as most of you know, my heart truly belongs to summer. Bring on long days at the pool, please! Can I get an Amen?

But luckily what made the nasty weather bearable was getting to hangout with Natalie and Dan that morning (Hanks awesome mom and dad). They are so nice and made me feel like I could just relax around them and it definitely took the pressure of being perfect away. I really feel like I’ve known them for AWHILE, but really I just met them like 2 months ago when I did their gorgeous maternities and I can tell already I’m gonna want them as forever friends that I get to take more beautiful photos of as time goes by!

Hank also wasn’t a fan of his picture being taken, in fact, anytime he wasn’t being held by his sweet momma, he was like “Um woah I don’t think so mom I need you to keep hugging me you’re pretty and you smell good!” But he then was like “Ok fine mom I guess I’ll look cute for the camera so you can put my cute naked self all over the walls.” And then it was done! I’m basically obsessed with these photos, baby fever may or may not consume me looking through them. I had so much fun, especially when Natalie took all of his clothes and diaper off then subtly looks at me and says, “So.. I hope he doesn’t pee on you..”

Classic, mom.


I can’t even look at these without wanting to hold him again! Until next time, Hank.

Peace out, y’all.

Zach + Kate // Austin, TX Engagements

Zach + Kate // Austin, TX Engagements

I couldn’t have had MORE fun with Zach and Kate. On a rainy, grey, muggy day, they had me laughing so hard I couldn’t even focus my camera at times! Talk about the sweetest balance of precious romance and flat out adventurous, they were just down for anything and it made their engagement session exactly what I needed to cope with the nasty weather. Half way through their session it started POURING and instead of hiding under a tree we RAN FOR IT and they danced on the dock overlooking the lake. Were people probably staring at us with confusion as I just kept telling Kate to jump into Zach’s arms as they danced in the rain? Of course, but life is too short to run from the pouring rain! They embraced every single bump along the way like champs, and I feel so beyond honored to capture their wedding in August!

Here’s to dancing like no one’s watching and marrying your best friend. They rocked it.


Catie Sas

Matt + Laura are hitched!

Matt + Laura are hitched!


Matt and Laura were married on a chilly Thursday evening in the middle of January in front of 70 of their closest friends and family at Kindred Oaks Venue here in Georgetown, Texas. Her colors were a pretty mix of blush, greens, golds, and white. So classic and simple. Was the weather perfect? Nope. Were my fingers frozen? Yep. Did it put a damper on their joy? Absolutely not. Laura was such a lighthearted, joyful bride who gave me confidence in doing my job. Considering this was my first official wedding, I really wasn’t all that sure of myself and had to give myself pep talks all day leading up to the wedding. I worked all day with shaky hands and as the day went by the pressure began to build and the stomach cramps came crashing in. Is that bad to admit? Oh well, just being honest. But I have to say, having these two as the bride and groom definitely made it so much easier to go with the flow and really take the weight of being perfect off my shoulders! They really were so kind, and I’m forever grateful they allowed a rookie like me to start my career with their big day.

Anyways, enough about me! These two met through Hill Country Bible Church worship bands.They play at all the campuses, and the first Sunday they met was at the Brushy Creek Campus when she was playing keys and Matt was on bass. God used something they’re both passionate about to bring them together and I love that! Isn’t He so faithful?

I hope you love the sweet touches and heartfelt simplicity that made their day absolutely perfect.


God is good, y’all. Here’s to much much more to thank Him for.

Catie Sas

The Blasl’s, a year later

The Blasl’s, a year later



These two. They do their own thing and strive to live their best life. Effortlessly fun, authentic, and fearless are three words I’d use to describe their marriage, and if you know them I think you’d agree. Going through tragedy earlier this year, they clung to Christ in a way they had never experienced before, and walking through sorrow together so early in their marriage is something you never ask for but God brought them closer together and closer to Him in the process. Their devotion to one another is refreshing, the way they challenge one another to grow in their relationship with the Lord is one thing you don’t see in every couple.

They truly are one of a kind. Kris, Christine, Dani, Danger, and Lola say thank you for loving their family photos.

Who wants an in home session? Holla atcha girl!

Catie Sas

What a sweet ride, y’all

What a sweet ride, y’all

I wholeheartedly have fallen in love with family photos. There’s something about getting to capture moments that would naturally go unnoticed in a normal day to day setting. I love letting the kids go crazy, giving mom and dad permission to just “be” and let me snap some shots of their babies in their natural state and pure bliss of not being told to stand still anymore. Mom and dad also deserve some pretend engagement photos, ya gotta remember what it was like before kids for just a second. I’ll keep my eyes on the children, just look into each others eyes ok? Then the giggles set in and it’s so much fun capturing those moments!

The past few months of 2017 have been some of the busiest yet encouraging months of my life. If you asked me to take your photos this year, it meant more than you’ll ever know. You believed in me. You trusted me. You empowered me. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to capture a part of your life.

I’ve learned a lot about photography these past few months, and I’ve grown so much in my technique and style. That’s because YOU gave me that chance.

God has provided abundantly more than I could’ve ever asked for or dreamed of, and I’ve loved this journey He’s taking me on. Here’s to 2018 and what God has in store for Catie Sas Photography!

Enjoy some of my fav moments from the past few months (:

let’s do this 2018, i’m ready for ya


peace out girl scouts.