hey y’all, I’m Catie Sas

I’m a total free spirit. Like couldn’t be more opposite from my Type A structure craving husband who does his best to understand my chaos filled brain, but has yet to fully grasp the whirlwind of a woman he married. I’m crazy about Jesus, a loud room full of people is my jam, and a walking party is what I prefer to be.

I’m twenty five, Chuy’s creamy jalapeno is, well, life… I’m a born and raised TEXAS GIRL, and when I’m not stuffing my face with Chuy’s I’m downing fruit smoothies like a car needs gas. Austin, TX is where we call home, but I’m originally from the most charming little town called Pittsburg, TX. My family owns Pittsburg Hotlinks and I literally grew up running through a meat factory playing hide and seek with my 4 ridiculous brothers.

I love a good long car ride with all my favorite songs, exploring the most outrageously beautiful places, and then coming home to Netflix it up on the couch with my man.

I’m the photographer for the brides who aren’t afraid of being different, the girls who prefer meaningful and candid rather than posed and upright. I’m looking for people who want adventure, who are up for anything and everything. The energy I crave during my sessions is undeniable joy and purity, the way he makes you laugh and the way you make him blush with those eyes. Are you an awkward goof in front of the camera? PERFECT! I’m an awkward goof, too, so you’re in good hands.

You can expect lots of dancing, seriously LOTS, explosive laughter, maybe a few squeals, definitely some twirling, running aimlessly through a field, and plenty of glorious photos to hang all over the place and insta the heck out of.

I mean who needs an engagement session when you can have a JAM SESSION!?

C’mon, let’s party. You bring your A game and I’ll bring the camera.

Peace out girl scouts.