Hey y’all, I’m Catie Sas

I’m a free spirit who thrives in the midst of chaos, which is why weddings are my absolute comfort zone. My husband and I live in Austin, TX where we serve in our local church and both work in Special Education.

My style is very non-traditional. I love people, and I believe at weddings, the most important part of your day are the people with you. I want to capture the heart at a wedding rather than pretty photos, because what you want to remember about your day isn’t the look of it but the feel of it. I photograph in a way that illuminates the emotion behind the moments, the in between and the unposed. If I could describe my style in three words, they would be: vibrant, expressive, and honest. 

I’m passionate about revealing the truth and authenticity in someone’s life, documenting the joy that’s already there.

God writes the stories that I simply get to photograph.